Thursday, December 19, 2013

Time flies like a an arrow...fruit flies like a banana.

 This is a normal "Mom and Pop" type grocery store on my street.  They  call them dairies here.
No Christmas is complete without a super creepy, giant, Santa.

...and his equally creepy reindeer friend.

This is set up by the city council near of a park...tiny, free library!

People draw bridge.

Giant Boat.

Ducks playing in the kiddy pool.

Bossy sea-creatures.

Summer nights :)

Not kraft.  Not delicious.

Sunset from my balcony.

what laundry looks like in New Zealand.

Mt. Rangitoto

Aunt Susies christmas card!

Oh dem sunsets.

Waiheke Island

Friday, October 11, 2013

It's definitely been a while. Here's the latest and greatest in pictures

Sooo...apparently putting the pictures upright on my computer and saving them that way doesn't make a difference to orientation on blogger. Sorry everyone.  Anyway, blogger tells me its been 8 months since my latest update so here's the latest and greatest!

This is the view from the Kiwi space needle (sky tower)

Found this on the ground.  Too cute to pass by.

This is Mt. Eden, a Volcano overlooking the rest of Auckland.  When I took this picture I wasn't expecting to move but now I live about a block away from this and get to see it at sunset whenever I want. :)

My super awesome bike.

A World War II monument.

90 Mile Beach.

Cape Regna, the northern most tip of New Zealand where the Tasman sea meets the rest of the pacific.

Not bad...

Cape Regna, just before sunest.

90 Mile beach again.

Lion rock at Piha beach with some subway for good measure.

Black sand beaches, Yehaaah Piha!

A monument at the top of Lion rock on Piha beach.  Apparently this is a sacred/loved Maori spot.

Me and an extinct Moa.


I'm not making this up.

You see?

Sorry grandma.

Beautiful Piha.


I have some immigration things happening.  I would really love to stay here a bit longer for a lot of different reasons, hopefully immigration will grant me that.  The application is out of my hands so who knows now.  I'l take/post more pictures sooner than last time.

Love to all.