Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kia Ora

"How are you" in Maori

Here are some stolen pictures from a friend....hopefully he doesn't mind.  These are from two small volcanoes that I went tramping around during my first few days here.

In other news, I got a job today (so I guess I'm sticking around for a while)!!!  I will be working for an Australian company here in Auckland as a fundraiser, fundraising for different international and domestic charity organizations.  I find out on Wednesday which specific companies I will be fundraising for and I start training on Monday.  What a load off!!  Now all i need is a little sunshine...sunshine in its liquid form (rain) will have to do for now.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1.5 Weeks Down

Why is the first week (and some change) always feels like a lifetime?  I Arrived Saturday, September 29th, today is Thursday, October 11th, I'm almost at two weeks in New Zealand and it feels like WAY more.  I have moved into a house, interviewed for jobs, made some friends, and generally started to settle into the pace of life here.  I've gone on hikes, had the coffee/wine, basked in the sun (that is becoming less shy as time progresses), and met people from ALL over.

Apparently the black sand beaches here are famous??

I got the black sand on my shoe...

Anyway, not much to update you on but I do have some pictures.  Enjoy :)