Thursday, September 27, 2012


It's been a great summer, but I've finished a whole tube of toothpaste since I've been home and still no job, so it must be time to go again.

Since my last post was in May, here is a glimpse into what I've been up to for the past few months, before I explain what is coming for me in just a few short hours.

I've had delicious, Americanish, cocktails (Basil Gimlet shown here, get one!).

I rode horses.


Hiked into Holden via the Lake Chelan Lakeshore trail.

Went to San Fransisco.

Played in the woods.

Hiked the Cascades.

Skyped with friends...

..a lot.

Ventured below the Mason-Dickson line (scary, I know).

Licked bells (this one, to be specific)

Played some more in the forest.


There is a lot of forest around these parts.


And the trees don't look like they did in Malawi.

Hung out with my Mom.

Surprised her with things that I say (she's going to kill me after she sees this picture :) )

Been made fun of for insisting that we sit by fires while drinking coffee in the middle of summer (notice the wool coat).

Eaten funny face pancakes with Diana!

Gone to Seattle.

Wishing I would have ridden the ferris wheel that is now open.

Had a bucket of Margarita (Thanks, Jeff)!

Did All-American things...

(ie, went to a baseball game)

Like I said, this summer has been one to remember, I got to spend time and catch up with family and friends, and people who I didn't really care to catch up with but did anyway (and I'm glad I did).

For now, however, I have New Zealand on the horizon.  I have a one year 'working holiday' visa to live and work in New Zealand.   When do I leave?  in about two and a half I finished packing?  No.  SO, with that said, I leave you with this comic....

...until next time.