Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last round of pictures

Victoria Falls!  Just look at the view!  Haha

Appropriately dressed

Why yes that is the beginning of the falls.....

And this sign is the only warning.

My and Dr. David Livingstone in Livingstone, Zimbabwe.

Inappropriately dressed trying to save $1

Someone bought an ice cream and her change was a $2 bill and 5 South African Rand...they use US dollars in Zimbabwe but not the coins.  My change was 1 South African rand and 2 Botswanan Pula


We found a whole in the fence to sneak into Zimbabwe from Zambia

Victoria Falls from the air, the people I was traveling with took a helicopter ride above the mile-wide falls.

Our train car/home for 52 hours.

View from our window

The train was stopped for a bit and these kids decided to watch us.

It didn't take long before they got bored and starting throwing rocks at things.

Street squid in Dar Es Salaam.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Our camp the first night on Mt. Kilimanjaro.  That building in the distance is the toilet.

Me at Uhuru peak, the highest peak in Afica.

Coming back from the peak.

Us with all the guides and porters...

The four girls with our guide, August.

Summit day sunburn.


Raw Cinnamon right after its cut from the tree.

The big moon happened on Zanzibar too.

The streets of Stonetown, click on the picture to see it bigger and you can see the walls bowing in.

There are a lot of really cool doors in stonetown, I'm unsure of any cultural significance.

This building used to be a private hospital but was renovated in 1994 or something. Beautiful.


A fort.

Pan in Dar Es Salaam.


I thought this building was attached to a building that Freddy Mercury grew up in.  It didn't, we found it later.

And this is it.

Mercury house.

Genuine excitement.

Bri's lunch.

Look up at the poles keeping the walls from bowing.  These buildings don't age well because of the materials they're built with combined with the harsh weather and constant sunlight.

Bees eat dates.


Shark scewer?  Tuna?  Octypus?  No problem!

Octypus, muscle, chipati for dinner.

This peacock escaped from the statehouse and was not having an easy day, people kept taking its feathers for jewelry.

Street calamari.

Street food near the fish market in Dar Es Salaam.

When you buy an orange in Dar es salaam, they peal it for you.


Bri and I in the cab on the way to the airport!

Sunrise through the sand in Doha, Qater (taken from inside the airport).