Thursday, April 7, 2011


I had it in my head that I was going to build up a hearty little collection of pictures for those concerned but what I didn't anticipate was my battery dieing. That being said, these two pictures were the only one's I got. Its better than nothing right? Also, the new trainees head down to site visit tomorrow so, with any luck they should be able to access the internet. Also, as you maybe know, they have their phones. So there's that. Anyway, this weekend I'm going down to Blantyre to help guide their little souls as an act of orienting them to the wonder that is the Southern Region of Malawi so I should have pictures of people being sent to the South.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I just can't get enough

Today is the last day of homestay for the new trainees. That means today is the village fairwell celebration then tomorrow the move out and the day after that, they're headed to sitevisits. I'm going down to Dedza today (since my work load has failed to increase, let alone exist) to watch the festivities (complete with the Guli Wankhulu...the seceret dancing society of Malawi). Look for pictures later today or tomorrow (probably tomorrow).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chuck update

So I'm back in Lilongwe after a nice week at my sitemate, Bri's house and a great weekend in Blantyre. Last Monday I was allowed to go into my village to get some things from my house after being out of site for a month. The country director met with my chief and old counterpart, said the meeting went well but that I should keep my fingers crossed because he really doesn't see it doing anything. Anyway, there is supposed to be sometime in the near future or recent past a conference call to the main office to suggest they overturn their decision but I've been informed that its extremely unlikely and I should prepare for the worst, which I have been. After the meeting in my village, I headed over to Bri's house where I stayed all week. We spent most of our time sitting on a make-shift futon (a mattress that we bent between the wall and the floor, reading and watching movies on our various laptops. I went with her to some meetings, we made a mud stove for her peanut butter-making group, and walked around hanging out with different people in her village who complain that I'm never around. It was a really great time. I'm glad I did it. After a few days in Bri's village, the two of us headed into Blantyre. A mutual
friends parents are in country so we sort of spent the weekend helping show them around. It was a really good time. On Saturday, said friend and parents headed up to Lilongwe after a quick detour to see a cultural center just of the coast of the lake. I tagged along for the free ride....and free bananas. Saturday evening we got into Lilongwe where I have been ever since catching up with friends who I haven't seen in a while and trying not to blow all my money on food (I bought bread and peanut butter yesterday). I guess that pretty much catches you all up on what's been happening with me. I know there are a lot of people waiting to hear what the decision concerning me and my site will be. Prepare for the worst but I will update when I find anything out.

In the mean time, here are pictures of Chuck from when I stopped by my house. She was so excited to see me that she peed on my foot. My cousin Jenni said that it was payback for me accidentally peeing on her head.

Oh how the world works in circles.