Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry (almost) Christmas

So far, my luck in finding a job has been bad. I have decided that I will not find gameful employment in the two months before I leave. At best, I can still make a profit running around and picking up the loose change that falls out of my older brother's pockets and on the floor of my sisters car. I'm slowly building my fortune. When I'm not hunting for change around the Cross house, I am....well, I'm never really sure how I fill my days but I always end up doing something. The only exception to that is the past week when I have taken over the brown couch as my little illness island. Bronchitis.
After a visit to the un-sympathetic, drug-pushing doctor, I decided to tough it out and just try to cough all of the gunk out of my lungs to avoid pneumonia, normal for me (too much information? Sorry, you should be prepared for that). I feel better today than I have all week so I win in the game of Amy v. sickness. Does anyone else play that game when they're sick? I always win in the end, weird. I spent most of my couch-bound time knitting and staring off into space, reading, and watching made-for-tv movies. Grand. I'm glad that part of my life is over and feel better in thinking that the next time I'm sick, it will most likely be by some exotic tropical disease in Africa (erase that from your memory, Mom).
I got a point in the previously mentioned Amy v. sickness game, by the way, for finding the ule log channel on demand. If I was never sick, then I never would watched all of the How I Met Your Mother episodes and I never would have explored further. Again, too much unnecessary information (its a habit, I blame my sister).
So, as I am sure by now you have concluded, this post is pointless and is most definitely a waste of your life to read. Why are you still reading? Well, its interesting to read what is happening in another persons mind or in their life. As this is a completely unfiltered forum for the ramblings of my easily distracted little mind, it is vaguely interesting. Example a, you are reading this right now. If it is a waste or your life to read this then isn't it a waste of my life to write it, you ask? No. My dear, dear friend Meredith and my sister both have spent a lot of time bugging me about writing another update, even though there is (obviously) nothing exciting enough to update about. This is to satisfy them. I'm a people-pleaser.

My plans for the future (between now and leaving for Africa): Making my own flash paper out of toilet paper, a flare, boiling water, as spoon, and a match. PROJECT! I'm going to be my own supplier for flammable magic trick paraphernalia.

I apologize if this is all a bit pointless and scattered; I've been on cold medication all week.

So its Christmas time again! Lets all join hands together, sing a carol or two (though with this nasty cough, you won't want to listen to me sing) and then watch another cartoontastic twist of Dickens's most famous work. I'll bring the figgy pudding (is that really just pudding with figs in it?)!!!

Don't spend hours at the mall tomorrow, on Christmas eve, spend it with the people you love. After all, if you don't have a gift for them yet, obviously they're not important enough to get one from you. Maybe you should spend that time building your relationship instead of yelling at the slow person in the parking lot who just won't give up their awesome, should-be-a-persons with disabilities spot because its sooo close to the door-spot. If you do go somewhere tomorrow, park in back, enjoy being outside, you probably don't spend enough time outside.

That's enough, I warned you about the cold medication.

Merry Christmas!