Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I planned on updating this the day after graduation but it has sort have been a constant stream of happenstances since the ceremony. Sunday morning I had to get up early because one of my roommates, Meredith, and I had to sing with the band at commencement worship. We only played "Morning Into Dancing" but it was a nice end to playing with that worship band (the Cross) for the last two years.

After we were finished at church Mom, Dad, Diana, and Jeff came down, we had lunch before the actual commencement ceremony. My immediate family met Uncle Dennis, Aunt Linda, Janie, Steven, Grandma Cross, Grandma Kissner, and Aunt Nan (not even a fraction of my family) for lunch.

Graduation was in the Tacoma Dome. They set us all down in chairs so we knew what order we were supposed to be in, then we were sort of free to go and find friends until they called us to sit so we could process in. The actual graduation ceremony was when everything finally set in. We all processed in on a red carpet with all of the professors on either side of the carpet clapping for all of the graduates. Once we passed all the profs (and desperately tried to get the attention of our favorites to say goodbye) we were sort of shuffled into the main area where we could see a massive wall of people and then the stage on the other side. The ceremony was long but nice. I would be disappointed if my graduation ceremony only lasted 30 minutes.

Evidently, I was the only one who missed the memo to make a meeting point to meet up with family after the ceremony. It probably took my 45 minutes of yelling "Mom! Mom!" before I could actually find them. Good grief. After we hung out for a little bit of time and took a bajillion pictures my folks headed home and I went out to dinner with my other roommate, Kristen, and her family.

After we got back I packed until the wee hours of the morning. Monday morning I woke up at 6am to pack up the truck that Jeff brought down and left for me. I finished packing, cleaned as much as I could before 9:00 when I had to head home. I said goodbye to Meredith and Kristen for the last time in a while. It was a lot harder then I thought it would be. I got home around 10:30, just in time to have Dad and Diana help me move my stuff out of the truck, into the house, and up to my room before people started coming for my graduation party. A lot of people showed up, it was nice to sort of get to see and talk to everyone before heading off to Holden next week.

After the ceremony my friends Ali and Sarah and I hung out for a while. I got home and basically passed out. This morning (Tuesday) Diana woke me up early because we had planned on going sailing. We packed up and left. Half way through the day Diana and Mom left because they had work and tense nerves, respectively :).

This is the first time I've sort of sat around and done nothing for a while. That's all for now, I'll report more when there is more to report.

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