Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello again!

I promise one day soon I'll actually sit down and try to upload some pictures....someday. In the mean time, go to peace corps journals and read the blogs of the recently inducted volunteers. Thats pretty much what happened to me :). Also, you could call my mom...or ME! Its free for me to receive calls! 265991950393. I would LOVE to talk to people. I think skype is 17 cents a minute or something. I also receive texts for free so if you want to spend 20 cents to make my can :). Just saying. Things are great here, just feeling out the area to figure out what there is.

Missing you all! I talk to my family all the time so if you REALLY want to know want to know hat I"m doing ask my mom.



    As of this second, I'm doing a motivational dance as I type this.
    Okay, the dance is over - but I really want to see your hut, and especially your scary looking turkeys!!!!!!

    Love you cousin! We're thinking about you!


  2. Scary Turkeys???? I'll ask Diana.....