Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh, mumagona mu thupwa...

"Oh, you sleep in a pocket..."

I was describing to a little girl my sleeping bag (they don't exist here) when she told me that I sleep in a pocket. Upon reflection, I
've decided she's right. Last night was the coldest it has been since I've been in dropped below 60F. So I zipped myself up in my 40+ mummy bag put another blanket on top, put on my wool socks and read until I could feel my toes again. I'd say I've adjusted to the climate. To all of you who write me letters complaining about the summer heat and assuring me that its nothing compared to what I'm enduring, I envy you. You are warm and I can't remember what it feels like to be exessively warm, even overheated. I've been assured, however, that the hot season is coming and I will be sorry in no less than 2 weeks that I ever wished for heat. I beleive them.

I other news, a lot of meetings have been canceled because of the rain and funerals (devistatingly connected here) so I have had time on my hands. What have I done with that time? Taught some little girls how to knit and fell in love with Kurt Vonegut books....and a lot of wandering around, which has become my usual (and recognized by my neihbors) routine.

In about two weeks I will have been in Malawi for 6 months. Half a year. As that monument comes closer and closer, I can't seem to wrap my head around it. It's been 6 months since I said goodbye to friends and family and headed for the wonderful (but cold) 'Warm Heart of Africa'. Time is picking up exponentially (still) and every day (mostly) I'm absolutely beyond thrilled to have the privilage to live here.

I decided to do some cosmetic things to my house. I am going to re-lime, maybe even spring for paint. If I ever get around to it, maybe pictures will follow. I should stop promising pictures. They'll come eventually but I don't know when. You'll just have to be suprised.

Yesterday were initiations in my village. Groups of people, after church ends, leave and slowly walk (in a dancy kind of way) down the road ( I didn't figure out where because there's only so long you can go on dancing). Dancing Dancing Dancing. When I got tired of dancing (we're not big saunter-down-the-street-while-dancing-people in the US) people kept on asking me why? I told them (because being tired isn't a viable excuse) that I have shame. "Osachita Manyazi". Don't have shame. Oh, ok. Thanks for those instructions. Malawi has, however, brought out my inner dancer. I can think of a few people who will be excited to hear that.

Sorry I hadn't had an update in forever, the world was working against me in the form of a series of blackouts.

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