Friday, September 3, 2010

Mt. Mulanje

I made it...I hurt, but I made it. The largest rock face in Africa. It was absolutely beautiful. A group of 6 of us made it up and down after spending three nights and 4 wonderful days up on the mountain, returning the day before last. Pictures to come in a few weeks. We climbed Sipitwa peak, the highest of all of them all in all totaling almost 10,000 feet in a few days (hence the soar muscles). It was wonderful and I definitely plan on doing it again...after I get paid. I came back to my village yesterday and spent the day walking around (slowely) making my normal rounds. today, I woke up early to head to the boma (back to work) where i have been waiting around for different meetings to happen. After all that, as soon as I sat down to check my e-mail, my flip-flop broke. Ugg. Oh well.

More details about the hike next week, for now, 30 minutes of internet doesn't leave much room for anything. Thanks everyone for the letters and packages. My Peace Corps service is really starting to pick up, I'm getting busier and busier every day. I can already see the time flying by.

Also, yes, the second turkey (the soap eater) has been slaughtered and eaten. Delicious. Now I can plant cantalope.

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