Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ndawoncheza Chaka China pa Contract Yanga

"I've added another year to my contract"

April 1st today, I was supposed leave April 13th in less than two weeks. I decided I wasn't ready to go. I did an emergency application through the Peace Corps office and decided to extend for a third year.

It's been a tough decision, especially since I decided not to come home for the optional month to see my family and everyone to save myself the money (I opted to cash in the round trip ticket to and from home and keep the cash in my pocket for my post-Peace Corps experience that will happen now in May, 2013.

Watch out Malawi, I'm not leaving yet!


  1. Cool, now we can sell your guitar.
    Love Dad

  2. Good for you, Amy, though I'm sad this means it'll be longer before I can see you!

  3. Interesting day to post such a message!

  4. So I guess Sage gets the 10 Cadbury Eggs I bought for you yesterday! Yes I really bought them for you and it is not a "APRIL FOOLS JOKE!"