Friday, October 2, 2009

Guest Blog 3.0

As we speak, Amy is on her way back to the "real world" from the magical land of Holden. What does this mean for you, gentle reader? That, unless you are currently at Holden, your chances of being friends with Amy just skyrocketed (trust me, I'm a statistician). In honor of this fact, I humbly present:

The Top 10 Reasons to Be Friends With Amy!

10) Amy is thoughtful. Once, when our whole apartment was having a lousy day, Amy snuck off to the store and prepared our favorite treat--worms and dirt! And despite Amy's warnings to the contrary (fact: Amy is always right), we all finished out GIANT servings and regretted it later. Totally worth it.

9) Amy is very good at keeping secrets, even if they aren't or don't seem important. Any bank would be lucky to have a vault as secure as the one in Amy's brain!

8) Amy makes you feel like dancing! Ok, not exactly, but she is an excellent dancer (exhibit A). One time, when I was having a lousy day, Amy, without missing a beat, flipped on a Leo Sayer classic and performed an elaborate might-as-well-have-been-choreographed routine. I almost died laughing. Made my day.

Exhibit A (sorry, Amy...the world had to know!)

7) Amy is extremely motherly. When anyone she loves gets sick, she will not let them leave her sight until they are sufficiently hydrated (according to her extremely high standards of hydration)

6) One word: brinner!

5) Amy is exceptionally cool. Enough said.

4) Amy is generous. One time, I stole/borrowed a shirt from Amy... now it lives in Georgia and she has not hunted me down (yet)!

This photo was taken in Georgia yesterday...seriously.

3) Amy has great taste in friends.

Friends who make gross flan :)

2) Amy never forgets to tell you how she feels about giant letters!

1) Amy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! (And knows it!)

Seriously! How could you NOT be friends with Amy???

Welcome Home, Amy!!! We missed you! :)


  1. woo hoo I get to see her first (Almost) great update

  2. Woah, in Exhibit A she is so far off the ground!
    As for Amy's extremely high stands of hydration, I once watched her and Diana drink like two liters of Gatorade each in a couple hours to prepare for a hike.

  3. That was an exceptional way to explain why Amy is super amazing! Nice guest post!

  4. Two liters?? You guys are ridiculous.

  5. This is amazing, I love both of you so much!! :)