Saturday, October 31, 2009

On the Road Again

First of all, let me say that if you have the ability, listen to "The Banjolin Song" by Mumford & Sons. Wonderful!

Now that that's finished.

Tomorrow I head out on a cross-country road trip! It hasn't really sunk in that it is happening since my first (and shortest) stop, tomorrow, is 40 minutes away. It counts nonetheless. Here is a copy of my tentative itinerary. I am, however, planning on cronicling my entire trip as I go (the frequency will be determined by my access to internet). I plan to take a picture of where I'm sleeping (bed, floor, car, hotel, ect), some sort of notation of how many miles (or maybe distance as expressed in time) I went that day and pictures or normal desciption of whatever I happen to think is interesting. Anyway, here is the itinerary (subject to change):

Tomorrow, I'll leave about 1pmish (I'm in no hurry to Mill Creek, it's close). Staying with my pal Sarah.
Monday: leave early morning and head to Newport, Oregon with my a friend from Holden this summer. I'll stay with Kaija until Friday morning.
Friday: Somewhere (I have yet to decide with whom I'm staying) in the greater Bay Area, CA (looooonnnnnnnngggggggggg drive, I'm aware).

sidenote: I'm taking highways 101 and 1 down the west coast, so I'll be taking the slightly longer, and much more scenic route. Once I cut east, I'll be on Route 66...again, longer and more scenic route.

Saturday: Head to LA, pick up Diana from the Anaheim airport, go to Hotel in Anaheim
Sunday: DISNEYLAND!!! That's right! Diana is flying down and we're going to do Disneyland in one day.....16 hours. It's going to happen.
Monday, Nov. 9th: Drop Diana off at the Anaheim airport and head toward Las Vegas maybe, definitly the Grand Canyon. If I stay in Las Vegas then I'll be there for the night with a friend from Holden. If I don't stay in Las Vegas (depends on the working status of fried there) then I'll stay in my car or in a hotel off Route 66 year the Grand Canyon. I'll be on the Historic Route 66 West, for a good chunk of this trip, of couse I'm planning on stopping at all of the roadside attractions.
Tuesday, Nov. 10th: Travel Day
Wednesday, Nov. 11th I will either be in Housten, or Tulsa, or somewhere inbetween (this is still depending on the people I would be staying with, I need to talk to both of them).
After both of those people are visited, I'll stay with aother person in Housten then head over to New Orleans for a week. I'll be there doing Habitat for Humanity the wek before Thanksgiving.
November 23rd or 24th: ATLANTA, GA with my pal Meredith(ex-roommate from PLU)! I'll be with Mere for Thanksgiving and most likely a trip to the East coast (so I can say it's truely a coast-to-coast roadtrip) until the 29th of November (ish) when I turn back and go back home.

I have yet to plan my trip back because it is going to depend on road conditions based on what I read and also what I experience on the way there.

4,104 miles there, 2,765 miles back. We'll see how this goes.

I am nervous, but excited! I have always wanted to do this.

Sidenote: For future reference, when I refer to Floyd, I am talking about my car. That is his name. He's named after the song "Pretty Boy Floyd" by Woody Guthrie (listen to it).

I'll try to start the cronicle of my trip tomorrow! Stay tuned!


  1. DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And If you don't update your blog we will ban together to demand an update.

  2. Wooooo!!! Have a great (safe!) trip! I like how you typed Atlanta in all-caps :D

  3. Just so you know, Highway 1 down takes a LOT LOT LOT LOT longer to do (totally worth it, just make sure you know) and gas prices were about $2 more per gallon than the rest of California. Come to Tulsa first; Route 66 goes right through it. Going to Atlanta from Houston will let you stop in New Orleans.

  4. Ok! I'll call you soon to make sure you're around when I'll be coming through.

  5. I'm listening to The Banjolin Song right now.