Friday, July 16, 2010

Amy, Chifukwa??

"Amy, because?" There isn't really anything interesting about this...I just hear it a bajillion times a as you can see my life hasn't changed too much, Mom.

Ok, so I came upon and interesting discovery this week...mostly due to my ever-increasing chichewa skills:

I'm always, ALWAYS followed by a small (sometimes large) gaggle of children. What I didn't realize until a few weeks ago, however, is that they're not just playing in the same direction as I am going...whenever I go anywhere within my village. They're following me. I walked to the post office this week and noticed two of my little neighbour (I decided to give into the European spell check- hence the u) boys (who basically live at my house) following me closely and stopping whenever I stopped under the (false) pretence that they were playing (that's what they said when I asked them what they were doing). They were just pusing a tire around with a stick (that's what little kids do for fun...when they're not spying on me). I send some letters (yeah!) and headed back to my house only stopping a few times to talk to some friends and do this and that. Keep in mind that I walked over a mile there and back. When I got back to my house a group of maybe 15 little boys (about 8 year-olds) gathered together outside my fence and listened as the two who followed me gave a VERY detailed description of where I went, what I did, how long I was gone, who I stopped to talk to, where, what we talked about, ect. I would find it creepy or annoying if it wasn't so adorable. Since my discovery I've been more aware and I realized that of the group of 20 little kids who normally hang around, 2-5 are always sent to tale me. Weird. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. Oh well.

In other news, since there is such an issue with gender rolls here, I decided to start teaching little kids about "my culture" when they're at my house (I tell them that inside my fence, we're in America so they have to follow my culture). Whenever there are boys and girls at my house (every day) the little girls always get pushed to the ground while boys sit on my bench. I started telling them that in my culture if a woman wants to sit, out of respect, a man offers his seat and HE sits on the ground. Now I have little boys asking nicely for girls to sit on the bench and they sit on the ground or stand around. It's only funny because women aren't treated well here.

Oh yeah, and Wednesday I'm going to eat lunch at the President (of Malawi)'s house. I guess I'm headed to Lilongwe again next week. I won't promise pictures because I don't want to jinx it.

Until next wrist is cramping (my typing muscles don't get a lot of use here). Also, I had another marriage proposal this morning for the driver of the car I got a hitch in, so I'm up to 20!


  1. SOO CUTE!!! Actually this whole post made me smile a lot ... oh Amizzo :)We are all so proud of you!!

  2. that is a great way to teach them our culture. If you would like some good childrens books let me know...I am sure that I could send some to you!