Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tikufuna kucheza koma tikuwopa a makuketembos!

"We want to chat but we're scared of the turkey's!"-some little kids peeping inside my fence.

Hello! Lilongwe was a blast but I'm happy to return to beautiful Mulanje. The trip back was significantly less exciting than the trip there. We left the hostile we were staying in right as the sun was coming up and grabbed a minibus to the big bus depot. From there we hopped on a big bus which left quickly. 5 hours later, we were in Blantyre. We stopped at the bank and to grab some food, then were on the road again. Minibus to Limbe, then another minibus to the Mulanje boma where we had to switch buses twice. Made it back Mimosa and walked the 2km to my house. Walked in right as the sun was setting. Such is traveling to my house from long distances. Sun up to Sun down...but worth it. I have the most beautiful site in all of Malawi. I made it back to my house just before dark, with barely enough time to visit some people in my village, tell them I was back and have them jump up and down (which was a really nice reception after 13 hours of travel). I slept well that night. it was really nice to see people who told me they missed me while I was gone. It was also nice to hear that a few people noticed one of my turkey's was missing and were worried...until I told them I ate it. Then they laughed at me.

Yesterday was the Malawian Independence day (but the 46ths); I spent the day restocking my water supply, watching soccer, cleaning my house, and re-settling in after being gone for a couple days, and hanging out with my neighbor (spellcheck is angry that I don't want to put a 'u' in neihbor...stupid ex-brittish colony...sorry Kristen). Today, I rode my bike to the boma to check mail. THANKS AUNT SUZIE!! You're amazing. Also, halla to Abby C. for the letter. As for the rest of the letters being held hostage in Lilongwe, maybe in a couple weeks. I'm going to return sometime this month for a large event that I will explain better when I have more details...but you should be excited for me!

In other news, I saw about 20 monkey's today riding my back in the same place I saw the one last week on the way to Lilongwe! So that's awesome!

There isn't really anything else to report but its beautiful here, I still have diarrhea and my chichewa is getting better every day. This afternoon I'll go to a women's group meeting for people who make jam...or grow mushrooms, I can't remember. There's still hope for pictures, I know I keep promising. Be patient; they're coming.

Aside from the diarrhea that just won't quit, I'm doing really well here! Thinking of you!

P.S. Cross family: don't think for a second I'm unaware of the fact that our weekly conversation was about 2 minutes long. You owe me 58 more minutes! I have SO much to tell you!


  1. That brings a whole new meaning to "I have a monkey on my back." I am glad spell checker doesn't catch things like that! Way too amusing! I hope you feel better soon, Amy. If any chocolate makes it's way to you I am sure it will help.

  2. Janice writes - My adventure to Glacier Park wasn't near as exciting as your every day living - the most wildlife I saw were "tourists"!!! Boy did I enjoy seeing snow, not driving in it, and all the many waterfalls, full rivers and beautiful snow capped mountains. You are loved and thought of often.