Tuesday, October 26, 2010



I GOT A PUPPY! She was just weaned and is about he size of my chaco sandal. We have the same color hair. She has no name but does have fleas. I tried to fix that situation today but nobody can come up with a good name...try through comments or facebook....I will announce the name when I pick one.....and the vet in the boma told me they only sell de-wormer and do flea dips on Fridays. Its an ABOMINATION!!! Oh well. Other than that, things are just putting along as usual. Sunday, a US-based organization called Africare came and held a village-wide meeting. I got to sit up front with all the chiefs....everyone things its normal to have the crazy foreigner sit up front with all the dignified chiefs but it cracks me up every time.

Before the meeting my group village headman (see bottom for chief-hierarchy) told me I should go say hello to all the women. I did. They told me I should marry the chief. When I reminded them that he already has a wife, I was reminded that polygamy is TOTALLY acceptable here. They said I can be his second wife. Goodie! (this was his sister, note, making the suggestion) Anyway, to wiggle myself out of the situation I told them that I can't be a second wife because I plan on having two husbands and that would be just too many people. They said I can't because I'm a women. I said tough bananas that's how its going to be. BAM...gender empowerment. Consider yourself developed Malawi. Anyway, since turning 24, every women in my village has decided to inform me of every single man they know and asking me if they should bring him to my house for me to look at an approve or deny. I politely decline. It's they're mission to get me to marry a man in my village and stay there forever....which is sweet in a way. They really do like me!

Chief Hierarchy:


upper-level governmental dignitaries (eg. Members of parliament act as go-between between the government and the district assembly but they are also part of the district assembly, this is sort of messy because Malawi is still currently attempting a decentralization process)

District Commissioner (they closes thing we have to a governor from what I can tell...only he/she has a lot of influence but no REAL direct power)

District Assembly (all the important people assemble in the district...go figure)

Traditional Authority (TA Mabukha, mine, has about 8 Group Village headman under him with about the same amount of villages under them. There are about 5 Traditional authorities per district)

Group Village Headman/woman (My GVH has 8 villages under him) My GVH is Chief Duswa.

Village Headman/woman (in charge of 1 village) My Village headman and GVH happen to be the same person because each GVH is also a VH. Its rectangles and squares, not all rectangles are squares but all squares are rectangles...if that helps.



I'm on the same rung as the villagers.

Anyway, give me dog names. She's a girl.


  1. You should call her Sal, short for Salamanca.

  2. I love your gender empowerment. "I want two husbands! Tough bananas!"

  3. Haha. gender empowerment though promoting female polygamy. What's up!