Saturday, October 2, 2010

I survived IST

I just came from In service training in Dedza at the college of forestry. A few weeks ago I got a free hitch all the way to Lilongwe in a matolla carrying cement. I got to Lilongwe, stayed one night, met my friend, Katy, and headed up to Mzuzu. We stayed a night in Mzuzu, had the best hamburger I've had since I've been in Malawi, hung out with some south african men and a dutch couple who were at the same hostil, and headed to Nkhata bay the next morning. The lake is amazing. It's endless like an ocean but freshwater like a lake. It's like the wave pool in wildwaves...withouth the floating bandaids....there aren't any bandaids here.

A bunch of Peace Corps Volunteers and I hung out on the lake for a couple days then headed down to Dedza for training. We were there for a week hanging out and enjoying each others company.

The next week, our counterparts came. We learned about soap-making, jam cooking, peanut butter making, tree budding and grafting, ect, ect. It was a lot of information and now I'm ready to get back to site.

This morning Peace Corps took us a bit outside of lilongwe to learn about permaculture, then we got a ride (non-peace Corps) into the city where I am right now. I'm sticking around until Tuesday morning so I can get some things done in the office and not have to make the trip up here for a long long time.

Oh, and I finally took giardia medication after 4 months of on and off illness. YEAH!

I'll have internet for the next couple of days so I will try to think of something to say....

In the mean time, Diana put ALL of my pictures up so look at those. Thanks Diana!

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