Monday, January 24, 2011

the countdown as come to an end

Diana lands at the Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, Malawi in approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. That means, as soon as I finish with this, I'm going to to start hitching in that direction.

Yesterday I got into Lilongwe via back of a truck. Before I got in, we had this conversation:
me:hi! I'm headed toward Lilongwe but will go as far as you're going north.
them:We're headed to lilongwe too.
me: great!
them: ok, go ahead and get in, will you be comfortable in back?
me: of course, no problem! Anything's better than a minibus.
them: yeah, ok, so how much can you pay?
me: (upon hearing the words 'pay' stopped climbing in) oh. um, I really was hoping to not pay.
them: Only 1000 kwacha
me: I really don't want to pay
them: oh, youre hitch hiking, well just pay half, 500 kwacha.
me: um....its ok, don't worry, I'll just wait for another car, someone will come.
them: wait, are you peace corps?
me:uh, yeah.
them: just get in.
me: thanks!

So I made it. Now, its about time to go to the airport and wait for Diana. Note, I am going 2 hours early so I will be sure to get there in time for her plane to land.

Its sure to be an interesting couple of weeks. People in my village are just as excited for her to come as I am. I'm not sure what her trip as in store for her but we'll find out.

Ok, I'm off to the airport! To get "another american!" in the words of a friend in my village.