Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Everyone is carrying everything on their heads!"

"Yep, Diana, that's what people do here.....its better for your back"

Tuesday afternoon, Diana arrived safely. I wanted to hitchhike out of the airport but a massive rainstorm was coming, I didn't want to get wet and we got a really cheap cab ride (the trick to bargaining in this country is to NOT actually want what you're bargaining for). So within the hour of her flying in, we were safe at Mufasas (the lodge we stayed at) and unloading all the sweet stuff you sent with Diana. WOW. I can't even begin to list everything and thank everyone but its FAR BEYOND anything I expected or deserved. Thank you everyone. Clothes, lotion, grandpa's fudge, cereal, tuna.....amazing. I'm going to eat really well for a while.

Diana and I went to bed early, got up the next morning and headed to the peace corps office....which was soon deserted because Laura Bush is in country and evidentally agreed to meet with the grubby peace corps volunteers. We took advantage of the empty office and got a new back wheel for my brocken bike then headed out. After waiting not too long we got a ride in a giant truck all the way to Blantyre (not normal). It was great, until we got o ut and the driver wanted us to pay. Lame. Oh well. We spent last night in Blantyre, where we'll spend another night tonight getting supplies, watching a movie, getting oilpresses, ect.

Tomorrow, we go to my village where Diana will see how I live for a few days (until early next week) when I get my butt in gear and find something exciting for us to do. Maybe canoe safari? Maybe lake? Who knows what her two weeks left in country will come up with us but judging by her general fascination with this country (and we havn't even left the city yet) it has to be good.


  1. Tuna and fudge! favorite combo too. Hi Diana, I can't imagine all the new things you are seeing! Amy, let me know when it's time to send another boxfull of famous American coffee to Africa. We are thinking about you both more than you know!