Friday, March 18, 2011

Music Videos!

Ok, Since I've found myself in Lilongwe for a semi-long period of time with endless access to free internet, I've decided I am going to share with you some of my favorite Malawian songs/videos. These are songs I hear anytime I go go ANYWHERE. I love them. Ok,so they're not neccesarily Malawian but Malawian's LOVE them.

"Bwanzi Langa" by Kapirintiya

"Mphete" or "Tuphe Lonse" by Dan Lufani (this is my favorite but I can't find the video)

"Dalo" by The Black Missionaries (sorry the videos bad and partial)

"Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston (I think this guy's South African)

There are more but I'll save those for when there are no other people trying to use the internet.

Note on the new trainees: They're doinggreat and loving Malawi. When I was at their training for a week I offered to translate anything they needed me to to their was mostly to tell their host parents that they're really happy. They're adjusting to the culture well, learning the language quickly, and enjoying themselves and each other. If you are friends or related to any of the new trainees, you should be proud, they're great. I have pictures and I will post them...they're just stuck on my camera until I can remove them. No one seems to have the right size camera cord. You will see them this week, though. Don't worry. If you have anyone in particular you want a story about (especially environment volunteers), give me their name (I check comments) and I can tell you, more specifically how they're doing! I'm happy to help! I know its stressful not knowing how your loved ones are for 2 months. Stick in there!


  1. Wow Amy. I hope you have some idea how crazy it makes those at home to not have any communications then a little teaser - photos soon.

    Actually I know they will be appreciated as soon as you can post.

    We're all proud of you and still full of prayers.

    Love Dad

  2. Amy DOESN't!

    ...but we're not there.

    Thanks, Amy, for your continued dedication there, and really appreciate any news you will have of our loved ones, the new trainees.

    With your permission, I'll link to your comments for the family!

  3. Toby, I'm uploading photos right now. I know its hard to be disconnected, the whole reason is for friends and loved ones of the new trainees can catch a little glimpse. You can share these with whoever you want. If, for some reason, you want a full-resolution picture, let me know, I can e-mail that out....sorry some of them are blurry.