Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pictures of the Trainees!

So, every Thursday, the trainees take a break from village life in class and with their homestay families to go to the college of forestry. Its everyones favorite day because not only are they re-united weekly with their entire group (instead of broken up into four homestay villages) but they get a break from the usual schedule. They meet with he medical staff, get more shots, administrative staff, and do anything necesary to do with the entire group.

This is all the pictures I have, so I hope I got everyone!

Elizabeth is from Seattle! West Coast (Pacific Northwest-more specifically) love! Mary likes bugs.

This is Trason (trainee) talking to Lauren (PCV) outside of the dining hall at the college of forestry.

Hanging out after snack. Behind them is one of the two dorms they stayed in their first week in country.

Justin-PCV of the week and one of my sitemates.

Right after lunch. Don't worry, they're eating well.

Lots of eating pictures here.

Sorry its blurry, they were just so excited to say hi to America.

Hungry trainees.
Sitting in class, learning about cultural excepctatons and gender rolls. I guess I distracted half of them when I took this picture.


  1. Thanks Amy. I know you have helped some of us at home immeasurably.
    Love Dad.