Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nyumba yakupezeka....I hope

"A house is available...I hope"

So, while I'm still here in Lilongwe, enjoying rituals like the barbreaking party, representing the last night at Mufasa's (the backpacker's lodge where I've been staying for two and a half months) old location and the move to a different location. I had the honor and the privalage of taking the first swing at a giant pile of bricks and cement with a sledge hammer I could barely lift while a group of roughly 30 Canadians, 1 Englishman, 1 other American, and roughly 6 Malawian's cheered me on. Always a good time. Pictures to come as soon as I replace the batteries in my camera.

A good friend of mine from my village came through Lilongwe two days ago. He was north of here and headed through town on his way to Nsanje (as far south as you can go without being in Mozambique). He stayed long enough to have a fanta, see the office, and threaten a man who insists that I marry him. Thanks Namanya, it was a great visit. Not to taunt you with possible, false promises, but I have pictures of him here too, that you might get to see if I feel like it....and again, the battery thing.

In other, more exciting news, a house has been identified for me. Everyone, cross our fingers that it doesn't fall through, as these things have a bad habit of doing, thus, proving Murphy's law correct at every opportunity. Tomorrow, I'll leave Lilongwe and head down to Chiradzulu, where my new site is. I'll stay with a friend that night and go see the new house (one bedroom, 11km away from the office I'll be working with, no electricity- but hey, its a house), then head to Mulanje. After arrival in Malawi's most beautiful district, I'll visit Spoon (a good friend)'s daughter in the hosptital who is receiving treatment for the galoping consumption (as some would say) for the next two weeks after months of un-identifiable illness. She seems to be doing well, as far as I can tell from my breif, yet frequent phone conversations with her mother. After a short visit in the hostpital I'll go to Bri's house. Overnight at Bri's, then I'll stop by my old site to see some old friends on the way to Blantyre. A night in blantyre, then its off to the lake for a weekend of party and relaxation (if those two can be combined). I'm excited for a bit of roaming after being on the border of becoming a barnacle for so long. Awe, freedom, how you taunt me with your breezes.

What else is there to report? I was poked fun at yesterday for being pale for the first time in this country. Do we know what that means? I'm being a good little northwesterner and wearing sunblock! Be proud Mom and Doctor who will most likely treat my skin cancer that I could have given myself from being flaky. That can happen, you know. Flakiness leads to cancer, I hear.

Anyway, Mufasa's moves today after a long time planning. Hopefully I don't lose all of my worldy posessions in the process, especially since my leaving tomorrow would leave me with limited recovery time.

What else, what else, what else? PCPP has been signed off by Peace Corps Malawi and forwarded to Peace Corps- Washington DC so, hopefully that should be up soon, I will update when it is. Borehole!!

I think that's all for now, I'm hungry, and I do beleive its time for lunch!

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  1. You are full of quotes today "Flakiness leads to cancer" and "on the border of becoming a barnacle" Hope all goes well for you. Love you sister, (I like to poke at barnacles but I am glad you won't be becoming one)