Thursday, June 30, 2011

My luck is changing, hopefully for good

So, I have been running around for a while now trying to get a new house and figure out my work situation (minus a detour to Lilongwe to say goodbye to a friend and ex-fellow Mufasa's resident who is returning back to the states). Yesterday I was on my way to the peace corps volunteer's house where all my stuff is to get things for my upcoming vacation. I was on my way and flagging down cars to give me a ride, when who stopped? Unicef (they're not aloud to pick up extra passengers)! Before I could even start talking, the driver, Allen, told me that he knows I'm Amy and that I'm working with WASH under Unicef and that he is supposed to take me around to get all of my stuff. "This is your car," he says. NDINADABWA (I was surprised)!! I stopped to see some people in the boma (because he was headed there to try to call me) where I cought up with some people. I went and found the Unicef people, turns out before I was talking to Undp. The Unicef people and I spoke about my current housing situation, and told them I am there volunteer and that they should tell me what they want me to do, I'm at their service, and they said they're going to find me a house in the boma (maybe with electricity) because I might be more useful there, but though the project I'm supposed to be working on has no funding, they have lots of other projects they would love my help with. Things are turning around. So here I am, a lonesome hobo finding a home again....maybe.

Last week I met a couple in the Chiradzulu boma from the UK, we were talking and I explained a bit about my situation and they asked me, "You don't have a blog do you?" Small world.

Today, I'm waiting for Bri (who is having a horrible time hitching to Blantyre), then we're headed up to Lilongwe for the night. Tomorrow, Mzuzu. Sunday, Nkhata Bay. From there we'll hike Rowarwe, where I have never been but I hear wonders about. After we're done hiking in, we'll stay three days in paradise, then take a ferry, the ilala, back to Nkhata bay. From there, we'll visit a friend's house, then back to Nhata Bay to say goodbye to one of the awesomest PCV's to ever live. Then its back home for the both of us. Two week vacation, here I come! I'm glad I'm leaving on a good note, I'll hurry home. here's a link to a travel blog about ruwarwe. That's where I'm going. I'll take lots of pictures. I promise this time.

That's about all I have now except for a big congratulations to my cousin Matt who is recently engaged! We love you!

Hope everything's good in the land of plenty! Over here, things are looking up; however, in the mean time, Chuck and I are still separated.


  1. Great News!!!

    Don't forget to charge your camera battery this time ;-)

  2. Happy words from my favorite hobo! Hang on to your phone/camera - no dropping in waterfalls etc.! Smiles and hugs to you from me.