Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kuli Mademonstrations ku town.

"There are demonstrations in town"

As many of you might have heard by now, there were anti-government demonstrations in town. As I am not supposed to comment on my feelings for or against (for) those demonstrations, I won't. Simply know that I am safe far away from town and don't intend to go anywhere near until I hear things have calmed down more than they have. Malawi has been slowly building up to needing these demonstrations throughout my entire service and it finally came time for the peace-loving people of Malawi to show their government what it means to fear its people. I will not be commenting more on the issue; I will simply be wearing red and, quietly, keeping my distance. As I am not a part of Malawi, I'm only staying here for a bit, there is no need for me the comment further. This battle is between Malawi, and its people.

I am safe, and keeping out of trouble (please recognize the amount of discipline it is taking for me to keep a safe distance from town and not poking around seeing what sort of trouble I can find for myself). In the cities, there are demonstrations/protests/riots, whatever you want to call them, whatever they are, but in the village, you wouldn't even know (despite the fact that the feelings toward the government are, generally, universal regardless of proximity to the city. Most people just want to avoid the clamor that all this is causing.).

In other news, I know I promised pictures, but as I can't go into town, you don't get any until I can. There is a PC-issued site lockdown until Sunday, to ensure that we don't, accidentally, run into any issues. These things tend to happen, you know.

If you have any further questions, e-mail me or facebook me, I have an internet phone, and "I might have forgot that my wonderful, fantastic, delightful older sister also has my log in information"


  1. It is nice that your loving sister looks out for you.

  2. Take care and know you are thought of!!!