Saturday, July 30, 2011


Ladies and gentlement who contributed to the appropriate water projects, Bangu well project, this is one of the 9. Inside there is clean water. Look how happy you all made this woman who only has to walk a couple hundred meters, instead of 3-4 kilometers.

This is Andrew, one of the builders, and a friend of his. A while back I posted a picture of a hand-dug well that was covered with bamboo. This is the post-cemented result. Before too long I'll be doing another grant (and it will be posted here) to do 5 more wells to finish one in every village under Group Village Headman Duswa.

This is the house I want to move into

Dance party in Nkhata Bay. This is what Bri and I were doing while our backpacks were stollen. Don't we look excited?

PROOF! Me driving the Illala (ferry).

The Ilala herself, the ferry I drove.

Waiting on the beach for the ferry to come.

Bri reading. Taken from the trail.

Katy on the trail. She really likes hiking.

Beautiful lake Malawi.

Water break

On the trail just starting off toward Ruarwe. Leaving at sunrise. Leaving at sunrise is nice but leaving at sunrise means you have to wake up before sunrise. Before sunrise is night time. Night time is for sleeping. I had trouble. Twila and Bri. That's the lake in the background.


This might or not might be true, I'm unsure. I am, however, glad that the Malawian government appropriatly values their roadsigns.

This is the house I'm currently staying in. Two bedrooms is small. When I finally got all my stuff, it took a couple hours of re-arranging to be able to close the front door.

Well, the time has finally come, congratulations! Pictures for you. I have the whole day to upload them. Unfortunatly, they're the same ones I put on facebook, so those of you who have facebook will be a bit bored with nothing new except the background.


I'm in Lilongwe now, I got here a couple days ago. I came to pick up oil presses, which are in the country, but because of customs, or something else, are being held hostage. I'm going to have to wait a week or so. That week or so will not be spent in Lilongwe, but at my house, at work, like a good volunteer.

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  1. Ummm I love the first picture -- the woman at the well looks SO thrilled!! Hehe :-)