Monday, September 5, 2011

Amayi ndi Abambo wophiya

"Mom and Dad arrived"

Please excuse the fact that these are in no particular chronological order. Thanks to my super-bwana status, due to my folks being here in Malawi, I'm staying at a nice hotel with a wireless option. Since its evening, the internet is fast enough to upload pictures.

I headed into Lilongwe on Tuesday and started preparing for my parents' arrival. Friday came before I knew it (I never am really sure how time passes in that city, it just does) and I was meeting them at the airport. Our faith has been re-instated in Ethiopian airlines as they got here safely (though exhausted...proven by the fact that its not even 8pm and they're both snoring away.) with all of their luggage in-tact. We relaxed a bit then the next morning we picked up the rental car I had made reservations for. Driving is fun :). We drove down to Blantyre where mom freaked out at every pot hole (as was excepted, its not like I put them there, though, sheesh). We grabbed dinner at Kips in Blantyre then headed back to Doogle's where we were staying. Mom and Dad passed out early which left me with a bunch of friends and nothing to do. We went dancing. It was awesome. Later that night my dorm bed was stolen so my friends and I got to go sleep in a private chalet. EARLY the next morning I woke up to check on my folks who were just starting to rustle around. We breakfast, then headed to Church. We attended the first church ceremony I've been to since being in Malawi.

After church we headed to the curios market to exchange money and pick up some souvenirs, that was interesting, as it usually is. After that we hit the road and headed to Mulanje where we had pizza with Bri and landed at Kara O' Mula lodge, enjoyed the hiking tails for a bit, then relaxed and spread out legs out a bit.

Early this morning we woke up and had a delicious breakfast, provided by the hotel. After that we hit the road and headed to my old site where there was a meeting with some chiefs, some friends of mine, and the womens group I was working with. There was lots of dancing and singing, obviously. We wandered around seeing everybody. On the way out we were given at least 50 pounds in banana's (I wish I was exaturating), a head of cabbage, and a live chicken with its legs tied together. Classic Malawi. We eventually came back here where we are getting ready to do it all over again tomorrow in Bri's village.

Two village headman and two sub-chiefs. On the left is Sub Chikapa, my sub chief from when I lived there, and Chief Bangu in the pink shirt.

Dad playing at the curios market.

The place we're staying here in Mulanje.

Chuck tied up so she didn't follow me into my old landlady's house.

Chuck's puppies!!

Forgive all the puppy pictures but how cute are they?!

Linda, a good friend of mine with one of the puppies.

This is how big Chuck was when I got her.

Mom and Dad with our gift, the live chicken.

Handing over the oil presses. This is Group Village Headman, Duswa, and the Chairwoman of the women's group.

Dad sharing some words with the crowd, Andrew, Duswa, and the chiefs...the women's group was there too, just not in the picture.

Looking over Mulanje, from the side of the mountain around the hotel.

I've been waiting for this pizza since Diana left in February.

As you can see, Mom and Dad made it here safely.

Shout-out to those who sent gifts for me with my folks, thank you. You will get something more personal from me as soon as possible.

<3 Amy


  1. The live chicken crapped on moms seat in the car, so she made me give it to a friend of mine in boma who sells banana's (he tried to compensate me with more bananas until I showed him the ones we already have. Raincheck!))

  2. Well rested travelers! Glad you made it and with oil presses to boot! Yeah!!!