Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tinalandilidwa Ndi Manja Awiri

"We were welcomed with two hands"

Chuck's puppies....last one, I swear!

One of my old landlord's (right) cows. I do not enjoy being close to an animal that could break my femur without trying very hard. Can't wait to see some elephants!!

That tea you drink, this is how its picked. This is one of Andrew's sisters plucking tea leaves.

Andrew's family

Andrew's Mom insisted on having her picture with Mom and Dad.

These are not this child's flip flops. Old Navy flip flops however, are a big hit in Malawi.

This is where I used to charge my cellphone.

My old neighbors making breaks. They're a riot.

No big deal....its not like water's heavy.

My old nightwatchman selling bread to Spoon.

Monty, my old nightwatchman. He's awesome.

Firewood on head.


This is a little boy who sells sugar cane. He always tells me he goes to school but I think that's to avoid my long lectures on the importance of education. He's pretty clever.

My old landlord insisted that we go see his church. We interrupted choir practice. When you see my mother after she's home safely bug her about seeing videos. They're incredible.

This is Mom and Dad's gift from Andrews sisters and mother. They gave me some too so I wouldn't feel left out. This the 4th variety of banana we've received as gifts.

Spoon reading to her mother. She was really excited about the bible my folks brought her. Excited is actually an understatement.

A select few members of the greatest Village Development Committee in the history of the world!!

Mom was excited about the cookies.

The School Committee gave Mom and Dad a bunch of tea leaves to remember them by.

This is the headmaster of Bangu Primary School, Mr. Jailosi showing mom a workbook.

First of the classes.

This is the same class. Schools here are slightly overpopulated (about 200 people per class, about 2,500 students in the school, about 19 teachers).

Some more members of the VDC here, including the chairwoman, Chrissy Spoon, on the left.

I wasn't going to update again but the internet here is still working (its a miracle!) and so fast that I could hardly help myself. These are from today, the second, and last, day in my old village. The plan for today was mostly to visit the schools, which explains all of the school pictures. Tomorrow we leave Mulanje. We'll give Andrew a ride up to Zomba which is our final destination for the night. We will, however, stop by my old house, meet everyone I work with now, and then continue on to Zomba where we will crash for the night, then drive up the the plateau for some beautiful views. The next morning we'll head to Liwonde for Safari, then Monkey bay at the lake, then up and off to Lilongwe. The past couple days, however, in Mulanje, have been the most important to me. It's been really nice to be able to share what my life has been like here in Malawi, with my mom and dad, especially to be able to share my friends and family here.


  1. Excitement just comes through the photos and yur commentary Miss Amy. Everyone seems so happy - even Ken and Joann who are certainly experiencing the trip of a lifetime. Travel blessings!

  2. love you sister, which I could have gone to Malawi again. stupid google says my account doesn't have authority to post a comment here.

  3. Thanks for all the great photos and commentary. You look like and sound like you are doing well. As a little side note, the puppies are cute. Love you Amy! Aunt Susie

  4. Aww I love everything about this post! Looks like you guys are having an amazing time!!