Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mill Creek, WA

Woohoo!! Roadtrip on!
I didn't head out until the afternoon because I was janging out at home, spendingt some time with the family. Around 2:00, I headed out. I only went ot Mill Creek today so by 2:30ish I was here. The couch is where I'm sleeping for tonight. Tomorrow, I head to Newport, OR.

Don't worry, the posts will be more excited when I drive more than half an hour.


  1. It looks like maybe Sarah is peeing on that bush.

  2. I'm happy to come across your blog - Tons of great adventures for you! I'm in LA and have explored S. California extensively, so feel free to ask if you have time and need a recommendation. Have a terrific trip! I'm looking forward to following it & your African adventure, too.
    - Jerr