Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm still in the city so I might as well tell you what I'm up to...not a whole lot

Yesterday morning I headed to the office to hang out before it was time to head to the ambassador's place for our Saturday-thanksgiving party. Around 1:00, the embassy buses started shuttling us over where we hung out and ate and drank and danced and had a good time. After we got back from there a group of us hung out talking until we decided to take a taxi across town to a dance club called Chez and Ntembos. We danced, watched a dance-off and had a good time then headed home, exhausted and sweating. Sleep.

This morning I grabbed my stuff and headed over to a different hostil where I'll stay tonight, maybe tomorrow night, I still haven't decided. I do, however, need to stop by the Limbe clothes market on the way home because I saw a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt for 400MK (which is almost $3) and I'm regretting it enough that I'm gonna go back for it. Lame.

Right now I'm at the office, people are throwing frisbees, checking they're e-mail, I'm trying to upload a picture of Chuck on facebook. I tried to upload a picture of elephants but it got to 95% complete and the power went out and dumped everything I was doing so I decided it wasn't meant to be. The picture of Chuck, however, I'm determined. That's pretty much it for now, exciting, I know.

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