Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kwanu Kwaja Bwino?

"Did the darkness leave your house well?" (typical morning greeting)

I'm still waiting on a lot of administrative paperwork for the borehole but I did make an important contact for the feeding program today. I'm still running in circles but that's ok. Next week, its off to Lilongwe for Thanksgiving. Hope everyone at home is sleeping on sidewalks for big sales and eating pie in my absence. The internet was down at MMCT today so small post, will say more when I can.

I hear people read this (according to my Dad) so that's nice. Thanks.

I got de-wormer for Chuck today. That should help things.


  1. I hear, according to your dad, too, that people read my blog. Except, you followers trump mine by a lot! I am also running around in circles!!

  2. This is Ron.

    I read it.

    I have also passed out links to it.