Monday, November 29, 2010

Ndege ya pansi

"Airplane of the ground"

I haven't left Lilongwe yet. I Think tomorrow I'll make an effort to head in the direction of Mulanje. I've decided, however, that I need to stop by Blantyre on the way home (possibly causing me to stay the night) so I can go to the limbe market to get a Jimi Hendrix shirt that I didn't buy. Hopefully its still there. It haunts me.

In the mean time, I'm waiting on a lot of projects right now that don't require my assistance so I'm staying close to the Peace Corps office to make people feel uncomfortable until they pass my proposals along to the appropriate person. I've quickly decided that that is the way to get things done.

Yesterday morning, when I was in the process of moving dorms, the chairwoman of my site-mates women's group (the one who she happens to think is the coolest women in the world)
called me to chat. Bri is bitter. I think its hilarious.

Yesterday, after two nights of getting bitten up by horrible bed bugs (the worse I've had, definitely) I moved to Mufasas, another lodge. There weren't beds left in the dorms, so me and some friends got moved to a private suite. Exciting for a poor peace corps volunteer. We decided (since everyone was exhausted) to watch some episodes of Arrested Development (I slept through those) then just go to sleep. Finally, a good nights sleep...with the exception of the itchiness.

Anyway, like I said, I'm in Lilongwe until tomorrow morning, when I'm going to try to head down down down, back to the South.

As you can see, I found a photo editor on my laptop that allows me to re-size pictures and since I'm in Lilongwe I have endless free internet so I can update said shrunk pictures.

Anyway, unless something exciting happens, this is probably my last post from the city. Just a warning.

In the mean time, here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

This is a Baobob tree in Liwonde National park. There is a human skull inside. Its hollow and 50 years ago as punishment, people through him in the tree. The skull is still there. I did NOT post the picture of the skull, I thought that might be too much.This is in September before IST at the lake. We camped here....ON the lake. Beautiful.
Chuck! This is Chuck last week. She's adorable.

This is a little girl in my village. I just thought it was a cute picture.

Things are good here.


  1. When I come to visit, I do NOT want to stay anywhere with bed bugs. GROSS!!!

  2. Have a safe trip back to your village.
    Love mom