Monday, December 13, 2010

Chitukuko wa Madzi

One of the diggers standing in front of a hand-dug,un-cemented, traditional well.

I might move here."Water Development"

Dear, Lake Stevens, WA,

I am craving an Ixtapa Burrito and a Pepsi. Eat/drink on on my behave. Don't forget the chips and salsa. Most of my cravings are Mexican food.

That is completely beside the point but now that its out of the way I can get back to the issue at hand...what's happening here.

Yesterday, I was at a friends house when I saw a little boy dancing. He reminded me of a muppet so I laughed at him. It turned out he ate to quickly at was choking a little. Fail. People asked me why I was laughing at a choking 8-year-old boy....I tried to explain that he looked like a muppet (with my explanation I did my muppet-head/arm flail-you know what I'm talking about) but the explanation didn't help my case. Luckily the friend whose house I was at is the boys uncle so everything was explained. Amy strikes again.

It has cooled down here considerably, when the rain is actually falling. When its not falling, its unbelievably hot, or at least unbearable humid (it really IS the humidity that gets you).

I got grass clippings to bring back to my village to plant along the sides of the roads to prevent soil erosion. I'm also going to plant it on the sides of the river banks but I haven't told anyone that. I'm in the boma right now hoping to hear some things back from some different proposals and contacts I sent out last week...also, because I was looking for an excuse to get out of the village for a bit. Its always nice to take a break and get a cold fanta or bag of milk (yes I take a lactaide and yes, Diana, its pasteurized).

The borehole, I'm almost positive, is going to have to wait until next year because of the rain. Its here. I still have to convince my village to go along with it and wait almost a whole year, but that's ok.

Friday, I promised to explain the larger water project thats sort of still in the brainstorming area.

Water in my area is piped off the mountain from the Lujeri river that runs off Mt. Mulanje. Its piped down around tea fields and into the villages. The problems start right as it reaches the village because the bulk of the water is diverted into the tea estates to water the fields. The problem, with the water in the village, as I've been told is that the pipe that runs through the villages is too small. If the holding tank were to be situated with more cement to increase pressure, and the small pipes were to be switched out with two larger ones and expanded the length of the district, people could put taps in wherever they wanted and the water problems, would theoretically be solved. Keep in mind, however, that this is what was explained to me last week, I still have yet to see the scheme. I'm hoping to this week have a better idea of what exactly is needed. I know, however that it would mostly be pipes, taps, cement, and I don't know what else. We'll see if I get to see it this week and what I find out, but that's what's in the works right now, other than the fact that its lunch time and I'm hungry but I'm trying to upload photos so I'm stuck here until that's done.

I need to get flour on my way home so I can make pancakes. I make them a lot. :)

With the holidays coming up I'm finding myself slightly nostalgic for cooler weather, fudge, and dad's snow onsey (not that there's still snow on the ground). Then again, starting next week I'm going to be lounging on a white-sandy beach in a tropical paradise so both have their benefits. I have, however, been listening to Christmas music.

I went to my first wedding in Malawi this week. I'm not sure if I was late or early or that's all they do but it was a lot of dancing. Also, people here throw money (while dancing, of course) at the bride and groom. I think that's a tradition that should be taken to the US (meggie?). I like it. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, especially when the headmaster of the primary school in my village says "lets see your moves". People here need to stop watching bad American television. It was a good time though, despite the fact that I got caught in the rain. I have a hard time explaining to people that I'm used to the rain. They say it rains where your from too? Oh yes. Haha. Well, that's about all for now, enjoy the pictures, sorry there are only 3.

Love from Malawi

Diana's coming! She bought a plane ticket!!!!! Wahooooooo!


  1. Mapoline is on the way for those pancakes!

  2. Today I posted an envelope of things - surprises abound - I couldn't remember all that I had included the past weeks as I was asked to fill out a custom's declaration. All I know for sure is chocolate so hopefully it's still there when it arrives. I think posting letters is a lot simpler! (There's one of those on the way too - a race to see which you get 1st!) Hugs, Janice

  3. The food you crave will have to wait until you get home as I'm certain it wouldn't be too fresh when it arrives at your destination. Hugs,