Monday, December 6, 2010

Well hey there

So, I typed up a long post about everything I'vebeen up to this week (mostly complaining about long meetings that turned out to be pointless and talking about how I eat baby chickens and bugs and they're delicous) but then I accidently deleted it.

On the bright side, I uploaded this photo of a boy in my village. Meredith, this is the 13-year-old boy I promised you to. I went to take his picture and he asked me if it was to show you. When I said yes, he made me wait so that I could dress up. He ran to hishouse, colored this paper tie and pinned it on his shirt. Then, he let me take the picture. He also said that if you come here he'll give you a 50 kg bag of should be exciting. I probably should have put this on facebook.

Anyway, meetings meetings meetings this week since I've been back from Lilongwe.

Village Development Committee
School Committee
Community based organization
Head Masters

All concerning the bore hole and the 25 % required community contribution.

Long meetings. In these long meetings, people are mostly discussing how to make people bring money. I'm worried because the rainy season is here.

I really wish I didnt erase that post. It was a good one.


  1. WOW. Hmm, well A for effort on the tie?

    Emily: "50kg? That's a lot of corn. You could feed a whole village on that. OMG HE WANTS TO START A VILLAGE WITH YOU!!!"


  2. Are you selling off all your friends?