Monday, December 20, 2010

This is not the borehole project...but

This is for a smaller scale water project with my community. There is no water in my area so people in the village are resorting to what they're ancestors did...they're digging them. this project is to get more supplies and find cement so the water is clean(er).

This is my real first approved grant, so I'm excited! This is an amazing organization if you're looking for some place to donate. Its only available for peace corps volunteers which means more of the donated money actually goes to the project. I'll be buying bags of cement the first of the new year.

I should tell my friend Andrew (the one in the pink shirt in the photo) that he's famous. That might excited him.

This morning I headed to the bank with three members from the village development committee so they have a place to store borehole money before its done (mostly so its not in my house). Done and done after waiting 4 hours in the bank (that's how things are done here) and then lecturing the teller about the necessity and functions of the federal reserve (idiot). I even offered to draw her a graph, I'm not sure why she declined...maybe it was a translation issue. Whatever.

Rain storm. The rain finished but I have a problem with my bicycle tire....can't figure that one out and I have 18km before I'm home. Won't walk it...what to do.

Anyway, Wednesday I'm off to the lake to enjoy my Christmas vacation for a week and a half! I'm excited. I just got all those pictures and videos my mom sent so a big thanks and I miss you to all the folks in Lake Stevens. You're great. I'm going to send more pictures tomorrow in the mail so hopefully they should get there in a few weeks!

Thanks for all of your support, I'll try to get another post in my Christmas, maybe pictures if your lucky (actually, no, that won't happen, sorry). Anyway, hope all is well in 'merika!


  1. Christmas Blessings - enjoy the Lake. Where do we send $'s for your project? Sending directly to you seems fine but there must be an even more direct way. Hugs and happy Christmas to you. We are enjoying Courtney and her energy at home - she got up and went to the gym w/DIana this morning. Hugs and happy thoughts from Janice

  2. Wait, you mean not everyone likes your cool economics graphs? Lame.

  3. For those who didn't notice: The URL at the beginning of her post has a link for donations. This way it's tax deductible too. Here it is again

    We all love you Amy.