Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Diana's taking SOOO many pictures!!!

Diana and I are down in Mulanje now hanging out at my house. Yesterday, at Bri's house she carried water on her head and spilled a bunch of it. Half way to Bri's house, she said the water was too heavy and made Bri take the bucket from her......that'll get her to respect the water distance....My house, however, we had to stage water carrying because my well is literally RIGHT next to my house (something she thought was an lie?) We've spent the last couple days wandering around my village showing off another American. I've been doing a lot of translation....and, according to Diana, a lot of forgetting to translate. I'm trying. The funniest part about Diana being here is EVERYONE is confused by the fact that, even though Diana is older than me, I'm taller. People can't wrap her head around it. I'm also learning that Diana is the first person people in my village have ever met who speaks NO Chichewa (they don't count the typical greetings I guess). They keep telling me how weird it is that she doesn't understand....which is ok because I think its weird too that she doesn't understand.

Anyway, we're having a good time so far. I just found out that I'm going to be helping out in the first week of homestay for the new trainees coming in this month. I'll be there March 6th until March 12th holding the trainies hands through the first little chunk of homestay. YEAH! I'm so excited!

Okay, this week, we're off to go find elephants for Diana, but until then, we're just hanging out meeting everyone in my village. Funny fact: when they meet Diana, everyone in my village says , "when does your brother, the pilot come?" (I haven't been translating that one for Diana but I thought you'de like that, Jeff). haha.

Bye for now!


  1. I'm part of the group of newbies who you will be guiding during homestay :-) So excited! Will be great to meet you since I feel like I've been stalking your blog....

  2. I guess not everybody is carrying water on their head but I admire you for trying Diana. Happy elephant hunting! Hugs

  3. Elizabeth, I'm so excited for you guys to come in. I'll be there for the second week of training (you'll learn it will be deemed week 1). We can talk all about Seattle and I can help you complain to your host parents in Chichewa. Hope you're excited!