Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I've been home for 2 weeks and 2 days.

So, 2 weeks is too long to go without posting anything? Noted.

So far I've been spending my time job hunting for a job that will only last for a few months and is within barrowing-a-car-from-family distance. Its not happening. We'll see. Maybe I'll sell my blood? No.

A couple of days ago Diana and I took the bus to the REI in Seattle so that I could give Diana a lesson in riding the bus. Evidently, I'm a bad teacher; she's still confused.

Yesterday I went to Olympia to visit both Grandma's an Aunt and an Uncle.

Right now I'm sitting next to Jeff, my brother (Woohoo for first blog shoutout to the Jeffinator!), watching muppet parodies of genius songs (eg, Bohemian Rhapsody).

That's really all that I'm up to. I'll post some pictures when I'm on a computer that can read my 8 G memory card because my camera cord was a victem in Floyd's death.

Satisfied Meredith?


  1. it doesn't matter if I am still unsure of the bus system becuase we had fun. The only other thing I have to say is the "Jeffinator!"???? .. . .????

  2. Yes, I'm happy, Amy! In Diana's defense, the Seattle-area bus system is slightly more confusing than others...

    I have nooootttthhhhhiiiinnnnggggg to do except comment on your blog right now. I mean, I could start my finals, but....

  3. Haha. I really don't think its that confusing once you've been on it more than 1 time....Whatever.

  4. How did the camera card die with Floyd? Joint suicide?

  5. Sorry, my camera chord. I left my laptop in the trunk because it smoked and died and I kept the chord in the laptop case. I forgot to get the chord out before I left the car. No worries though, that should be easy to replace.

  6. ummmmm it's been almost a month, amy, and i don't have much better to do than to read your blog :D