Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Newport, OR: Day 2

Who knew, Keiko lived in Newport!!!??? I didn't. This mural on the wall informed us that he did. I think this is Kaija and her friend, Robin, re-inacting Free Willy.

Kaija and I with Keiko.

Kaija and I. Evidently in Newport, they have this thing called "Aloha Tuesdays". If you wear a Hawaiian shirt and go to the local brewery (Rogue) they give you a free pint. Note: the Hawaiian shirts.

Sunset, I can't help myself.

Ripleys Beleive it or Not is here on the bayfront! Woah! I don't want to pay to go in but they have creepy music playing there all the time.

I hung out and watched the Sea Lions for a while (you can tell it was for a long time because the there are a TON of pictures of them).

Oh Beach Towns.....
When I Was taking a picture of this sign when some creepy probably 80-year-old man and I had this conversation:
man: How about that?
Me: How about what?
man: Just...How about that?
me: What??
man: I don't know, anything! How are you?
me: um...fine? [exit stage right]

So, since Kaija works like a normal human, I have the day to dink around the town and see whatever I want. I spent the day yesterday exploring all the peirs and different beaches and different stores. I got some salt water taffy, I watched the Sea Lions. The day was pretty uneventful but it was a lot of fun! I ended up talking about Peace Corps with the owner of this one store that sells a bunch of wood carvings and things like that. Good times. I like Newport!


  1. Saltwater taffy!!! I went to that aquarium when I was about 8 and it was so fun! I liked the otters. Also, I was pretty sure they set Keiko free a few years ago. Maybe there's more than one.... like Shamu...which I think is kind of weird/creepy.

  2. Did anyone else notice that 2 of the sealion pictures were used twice? Love ya,

  3. Yeah, I noticed about the Sea Lions. ALso, Mere, I think Keiko died after they set him free? I don't know....I can't keep Keiko and Shamu straight, all I know is that Keiko lived here.

  4. Sea lions are exciting.
    Woah...that sign...
    That is a hilarious conversation between you and the old man.

  5. I imagine, Esme, that if for some reason you ever had a business, you would have that sign up for your hours.