Thursday, November 5, 2009

Newport, OR: Day 3

Kaija and I with the lighthouse.

It was amazing! It looks like a postcard!

Me with the Oregon Coast!

Kaija with the Oregon Coast, her home.
Yesterday I woke up and spent a while dancing around to random traveling songs that I have on my ipond (this has become my morning ritual). I think yesterdays mix was the same as today's so it was: "Hard Road to Travel" by Jimmy Cliff , "We'll Meet Again" by Johnny Cash, "Gotta Travel On" by The Au Go-Go Singers, and "Postcards to Italy" by Beirut. Good mix!

So, yesterday, I spent most of the morning trying to figure out where I'm going to stay when I do Habitat for Humanity. There are a bunch of different options, I'm just trying to figure out which ones are still in operation. So, today, I'm not doing anything until I figure that out and reserve a spot for myself (which might prove to be difficult because, like yesterday, it is INSANELY windy here and it is messing with the internet connection. Oh well, at least I have it at all!

After messing with where I'm going to stay for a bit, I met up with a friend I met the night before and we walked over and met Kaija for lunch (Thai food). After hanging out there for a while I headed back here and Kaija and Robin headed to work. I talked on the phone with a few people, found a place ot stay in Central California, got free coffee from the front desk, and walked around the area for a while. After a while, Kaija got home (early) and we headed out to see the light house. There are two lighthouses in Newport, we went to Equina head light house. To save $7.00 we parked before the entrance and walked, maybe a mile and a half each way, to the lighthouse. I was a really great walk because you got to walk along the cliffs that sort of look over the ocean. It was beautiful. I was really windy so, naturally, we played around in the wind. By the time we turned the last corner to get to the lighthouse, it was sunset. Beautiful. We poked around the lighthoues for a while, then headed back.

We came back here, made dinner, skyped a friend from Holden and then played a game of Scrabble. Right when we finished the game of scrabble, some of Kaija's friends came over, they are doing a cleansing and wanted to go in the sauna. So we went. We sort of hopped between the jacuzzi, the pool, and the sauna. We got there 5 minutes before it closed so we had to have the night time cleaning guys let us in, they were happy to. We hung around there for a while then headed back to Kaija's place. We played another game of speed scrabble then they left and we hung out talking until we were both falling asleep.

This morning I've been doing my morning ritual of dancing around to the previously mentioned mix. I think today we might go to the other lighthouse. We'll see what happens.

Oh, and

Remember remember the Fifth of November, of GunPowder Treason and Plot. I see no reason, Why GunPowder treason, Should Ever Be Forgot.

Happy? Guy Fox Day.


  1. I can't be the only one who is sometimes very confused by Amy . . .

  2. Hey Amy-Did you know that there are more than 800 languages spoken throughout Africa???
    Oregon coast is gorgeous! Glad you're having a blast.

  3. Amy is going to learn all 800 languages, right?