Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

I woke up this morning to Brandon jumping on my bed asking to use my ipod. It didn't really phase me because I'm used to being woken up that way.

I finally got up around 8am and hung out with some people in the shade (because it was already a sauna everywhere) until 9:15 when breakfast started. It was a special brunch because it was the 4th of July. French toast. Breakfast. I said goodbye to the bus. After the bus left there were proclamations which included anything from reciting a speech from Sitting Bull to "Oh captain, my captain" to an amazing made-up proclamation read by a man in a penguin head and a graduation gown. After the proclamations I started carrying buckets of ice and supplies and ice cream and dishes and laundry down to the snack bar. That took until noon when it was time to line up for the parade. I found a rootbeer float costume in the basement of the VC where I keep my extra pop, CO2, and ice cream. I convinced some 17 year-old kid to wear it. We lined up for the parade behind the Pool Hall, and in front of the minors and junior minors. Turns out the kid I convinced to wear the rootbeer float costume decided to wear shorts that were short enough to not see them and take off his shirt so that he looked like a naked rootbeer floats. I wore my crown and carried Kinicin. The rootbeer float was a big hit haha. There were alot of pictures taken. Watch for them. The parade was a lot of fun!

After the parade I ran around the village looking for my rootbeer because we handed out free rootbeer floats. I never thought my production and manufacturing class would come in handy but it did for rootbeer production. The line was consistantly small and we had a really good time! We cleaned up and headed to dinner. During dinner there was a joke-a-thon. I hung out there for a while until it got too Hot, then I moved to Lodge 1 porch. A bunch of us hung out there until 7:00pm when there was Vespers on the arc. Patriotism galore...but it was fine. Oh, before Vespers I went to a session where we watched Obama's inagural speach. I left during the discussion. After Vespers we all moved to the VC for fireworks. Turns out fireworks at Holden are as follows. Everyone packs into the VC, they turn the lights off, project a fireworks show, play music and and out bubble wrap to EVERYONE. Amazing!! Fireworks will never be the same.

After the fireworks were over I rushed over to the Snack bar to open up. IT was a good night. I HAVE A STAFF MEMBER NOW!!!! I thought one of the people here was just volunteering but turns out she is assigned to me. Woohoo!!!!! I'm so happy to finally have someone for the first time since Allison left. I guess she is going to be working with me until the 14th when I get a different person, then after they leave, she'll be back to work with me. Yes.

After work I caught the end of the talent show....nice. Then I went to the dining hall to hang out and now I'm here.

I'm really looking foward to my day off tomorrow. A bunch of us are going down to Lucerne to hang out by and jump into the lake. That will be great on a 92 F day.

I'm exhausted.


  1. you never mentioned before that you have a crown! Don't you know everyone loves bubble wrap.

  2. I want to be friends with the guy with the penguin head. Also, Holden just gained some cool points in my book for having a random rootbeer float costume. Who has a rootbeer floar costume????

  3. There was a rootbeer float costume in the basement from last years float. Also, yes I Diana, I have a crown...I am the snack bar queen. What kind of queen doesn't have a crown?? I'll show it to you when you're here.