Monday, July 27, 2009

Some highlights from the last week.

Last week I was sitting in Vespers waiting for it to start when Tom, one of the directors, came up to me and sat down. He told me that they recently had a staffing meeting and my ears should have been burning. He said that they talked about my "uber fabulousness" for about 5 minutes straight and that I am the treasure. It was really nice to hear. That explains why Noah, one of the staff coordinators, came up to me and told me that I'm doing a great job and asked me to extend until I absolutely had to leave to prepare for Peace Corps. This seemed like even more of a compliment after I found out that my roommate tried to extend for fall and winter and they said that they didn't have a place for her so she is only staying until November. Weird.

Right now Tom and Paul, two of the directors, are running around the offices with socks on but no shoes talking about who is going to water the window boxes. Only at Holden!

Dance party in the garage on the second level. Did I explain that already? Terry, the mechanic, and Daniel, the mechanic's apprentice hosted a dance party in the garage on the second level. It was nice and cool down there with the giant doors open. After we all got too warm and tired we hung around outside and watched the stars. Then we helped Daniel clean up and played this game called "imagineifff..." Turns out I'm really bad at it. There were 7 people playing. I tied for last place with a girl that hadn't played the last 45 minutes because she was sleeping on the couch. Awesome. It was fun though.

Last night I went in the jaccuzzi with a few people. After we got too warm and pruny we went into the sauna (much better). We listened to music, hung out, and sweated a lot. One last dip in the dipping pool and we all went our separate ways. I read for a while, then went to bed feeling really relaxed from the sauna.

It is too hot already!!!! Boo. I think I heard that it is supposed to hit 100 today and tomorrow. Wow.


  1. Congrats on being the Holden favorite (duh)! :D

  2. what no $50 boat race shout out? I'm glad they are recognizing your awesomeness

  3. Yeah! Way to be infiltrate the village with your supreme awesome!