Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day off

I broke my tradition of going for a hike on my day off to ride the bus down to the lake and hang around for a while. There was a group of 7 of us originally, then 2 hiked down and 1 ran down. We spent the day lounging in the grass at refrigerator harbor and jumping in occasionally to escape the extreme heat. We played Frisbee and rummy and just kind of layed around and talked. It was the perfect day, one that I will definitely judge others by. After a while we went over to the main dock before the boat got in. We spent a long time jumping in the lake over and over again. The freezing water felt perfect since it was above 90 F. After a while the bus came and we headed back to the village. Once back in the village we still all hung around for a long time. After Vespers I watched Aladdin with some people in my chalet. Great day.

Monday I was back to work. Both shifts went really well, I had great people helping me out. I had a small child come up to me this morning to tell me that Holden wasn't going to be the same without me. After I told him he could still get ice cream he was a little happier. Haha. I see what I am to these people...the supply. I found out Monday morning that I could officially go on my out! I spent the rest of the day (outside of work) finding people to cover my shifts. I gave one shift to a different person every day. Yesterday (around midnight) I spent a while typing up a very detailed description for how to do my job. I think things will run smoothly while I'm out. I now owe some people some favors for talking multiple shifts. I will be re-paying them by going to Safeway tomorrow at home to get some things they can't get in the village (peter pan peanut butter? White bread?).

Yesterday at 4:30 I had dinner dish team. It was a great team and things went really smoothly. The monday after I get back (when my family is all here) I have garbology duty (a once per month requirement for all staff). I can already see them walking up to the second level to laugh at me crunching up compostable bits for the compost bins....mmmmmmm, smelly.

Diana is coming to pick me up today when the boat gets in to fields point, I'll be home (packing) all day Wednesday, then Thursday morning I leave with the famed Ebenezer hikers to hike into Holden. The idea that I am going on an out purely for the sake of hiking back in is impressive to some villagers and disturbing to others. It's kind of funny to see reactions.

I feel like I haven't seen my family in a long time, the 5 days of hustle and bustle in between graduation and leaving for Holden were not enough for me. I'm excited to be home, even if it is only for a little while. That's all for now. I'll see a lot of you soon (tomorrow).

Goodbye for now from Holden!



  1. Y'know, if you accidentally detoured to Spokane on your way to Lake-town, I would not be heartbroken :D

  2. Happy Hiking!!!!! Don't stop blogging-you're very entertaining.

  3. "Famed Ebenezer hikers" I was so hoping it wasn't just me that thought they were famous! Before they left I told them I was going to comment on your blog EVERY DAY whether you were at Holden or not. Oooops! Oh well, here is ONE comment at least. Take good care of my other daughter and little boy while they are there. Oh, and that Rob-guy, too.