Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mmmmm Tuesday mornings = Pancakes!

The last few days have pretty much consisted of hanging out on porches, like normal. I wasn't going to post that over and over again, but then I was informed that it is important information.

Today Noah, one of the staff coordinators, came up to me and asked me to extend my stay through fall. He said that he didn't know how long they could continue my area head stipend but they would love to have me up here. I told him that it was on my mind and I would go and talk to him and Daniel about it before long. Then he told me thank you for everything I do. I guess I'm not doing a bad job.

This last week some people that know my grandma were up. They were nice. Also, I have a group of 5 cousins that have scooped for me 2 or 3 times now and are going to scoop again tomorrow night because they like doing it so much. There are so many of them that I don't really have to work. Plus, their families hang around and they're a riot. They keep making me be in all of their pictures and home videos. I like them a lot though, they're great.

Last night we had a get together on the Lodge 6 porch because it was my friend Wacky Jacki's last night here before going home. We hung around on the porch for a while then decided to walk out to the ball feild to go star gazing. We played a game called "Star tripping" where everyone spreads out a lot, you look straight up, pick a star and stair at if for 10 seconds while you spin around in circles. After the 10 seconds are up, one person (pre-determined) turns on a flashlight (because it's completely dark) and everyone has to run to the light. The first one to the flashlight wins. It's more fun than it sounds like and it sounds like a lot of fun right?

After that game we laid in the grass for a while and watched the stars until we were tired enough to go to bed.

That night, before going to bed, I decided to check my e-mail. That's when I found out about Bill. My heart and prayers go out to the Stepp family.

Jacki was the first one of my good friends here (besides Allison) to leave. This week two of my other friends, Aaron and Sam, are leaving. Lame. This weekend a bunch of us are going to Stehekin for Hannah's 21st birthday! We're going to camp! Don't worry family (Mom), this will not be like my or Sarah's 21st birthdays.

My rootbeer that was supposed to come 2 weeks ago and then was promised again today never came. I might have to switch distributers. Grr.

Thursday is Jubilee....I need to get on the ice cream creations for the auction. I know I'm going to make a bunch of ice cream sandwhiches, a giant ice cream Sunday and some banana splits...I just need to actually do it. Ok, that's all for now. Thanks for the mail everyone that has been sending me mail and packages...it makes my day every time! I think about you all very often and miss you tons!

<3 Amy


  1. your normal is our interesting so thanks for another update

  2. Maybe Star Tripping will have to be added to the Blind Hallway Walking line of games?

    Don't forget the sprinkles!!!

  3. I thought you were an ice-cream sandwich hater. That's worse than beign an ice cream fascist. Actually, I'll just be the bigger person and say that I respect your ice cream decisions. More pictures, please! (I'm so demanding...)