Thursday, September 17, 2009

16 days until I depart

I counted while I was in the Sauna tonight.

A few days ago Wanda and I road bikes down to the lake. It was beautiful. We picked up our feet and went twelve miles, all downhill. I took great pictures but my laptop is still kidnapped so I'll get those up when I can and get it back. That was great though! We left at 10am and took the first bus back and were back in time to eat lunch then go to work. Perfect!

Snack Bar hours have decreased. The new schedule started Monday. Snack Bar is open every afternoon, but not the pool hall (except for Saturday which is normal summer hours). After Vespers it switches between Snack Bar and Pool Hall every other night. I've had 2 nights off this week! That hasn't happened all summer. Weird. I'm sort of over it though and am thinking that I'll volunteer part-time somewhere else to feel like I'm earning my keep.

I started a weaving. I'm making myself a bag. My mind has been so stimulated lately with all the things that are happening in the next 5 months that I haven't been sleeping really at night so that should occupy me after everyone else goes to bed at night.

The village is still shrinking. More people are leaving who have been here either all summer or all year. Weird. Since I had the night off, I went up to the city sauna after Vespers and lit it (my first time starting the sauna).

I know I haven't been here for a year or anything but I have been here for a third of a year (weird) and I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I only have a little more than 2 weeks left before I have to leave. I'll stop talking about my departure date in most further least I'll try.

I know this was kind of a wimpy post...I'll do better next time.

We had fish and chips for dinner because the woman who has run the B&B for the last 7 years is leaving and that's what she requested!! Soo good! I never expected to have fish and chips twice in one summer at Holden.


  1.'s the roadtrip planning coming? I know you're sad about leaving but just think about the impact you've made and the awesome feeling you will have every time you think about your super clean snackbar and all of it's yummy icecream. I think the hikes will stick, too.