Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So you demand a blog entry eh?

My lovely sister, Diana, informed me that the readers of my blog have come together and demanded an entry.

I guess I probably should. I feel like the first day of school can only be described through pictures and since my camera was locked in the Snack bar charging while all of that was going on because I worked the pool hall the previous night and didn't have the snack bar keys, I have none. I guess I'll have to wait until they're on the Holden website then put a link on here.

Basically the bus went up and down chalet hill and every chalet was responsible for trying to stop the busy and prevent the village kids from getting to school. My chalet was the first and second to last stop, since we're at the bottom of the hill. We dressed up like band teachers and made a band including a harp, tuba (me), accordian, drums, keytar. Yes, Keytar. It was a lot of lips tingled for like an hour after playing the Tuba (which I have now been informed is actually a baritone).

Sunday-Monday I went to Stehekin again for the night. It was fun! We stayed with someone who is up in the village a lot, it was really great of her to open up her house to us. We got there and got invited to hang out on this dock with a bunch of people. It was beautiful! After a while of that I decided to head back to town to find some shade and read...whcih was great. After long time everyone (Katy, Michael, and I) met up then got a ride from some guy, Dillon, to the bakery, where the person we stayed with works. We played frisbee and waited for her to get off of work. We went to her house, dumped our stuff then went to a vollyball game we were invited to at the ranch. I played my first ever game of vollyball! I like it. It's giant ping-pong.

After it got too dark to play anymore we got invited to a bonfire. A different person gave us a ride back to the bakery, then Dillon came and picked us up to head to the bon fire which was at the house's dock we were at later. Good times. The bon fire ended up with everyone heading down to the same dock we were on earlier in the day. We played a game called "Chair of Doom".
Basically for this game, one person sits in a plastic lawn chair on the very end of the dock while everyone else rocks the dock and tries to dump them in the water (somewhere no one wanted to end up because it was midnight and the water was glacier-fed). Good times. We headed home after a while and went to bed. The next morning, we had breakfast at the bakery (yum!) then Michael and Katy went to the trail head because they were going to hike back to the village, while I went back to town to read and wait for the boat to come. I spent the rest of the morning talking ot people I had met the day before and reading Peter Pan again.

The boat came and the bus came. I had a really warm welcome into the village. It was a nice weekend and trip out of the village but I had just been out the week before and was really happy to be back.

Last week we had maverick night in the snack bar because 2 of the mavericks were leaving. It sort of turned into a giant dance party. That I have picture of (mostly movies actually) that I'll try to get up (the pictures not the movies). IT was alot of fun!

Karen, the person down in the pool hall has been lonely in the pool hall so we've been trading jobs, her in the snack bar and me in the pool hall! It's a really nice break after 3 months in the snack bar. It's so empty in the village too that I can just sort of put whatever I want on the juke box and knit (and make pop corn every once in a while). Good times.

I imagine the hours of the snack bar and pool hall should be decreasing soon because it's sooo slow all the time!

Last night, Katy had a party (she leaves today) at her chalet. It was a lot of fun. A bunch of the staff members who have been here all summer (and are still here) just kind of hung around in her living room until 2am. It was a lot of fun!

Other than all that I've been sitting on porches, I've been having a lot of 2am conversations with people who just want to talk. I've been doing a lot of knitting, and not doing a lot of e-mail checking. I'll try not to go this long inbetween posts again...the people start to get testy.

I also want to say (and ignore this if you choose to) that I am really upset about how the news from the ELCA is being received at my home church. What I can't understand is we we can't love each other as God made us. It doesn't have to be this complicated. God wants us to love each other regardless of .....anything.

That's all for now, I'll update again soon!



  1. I don't really have anything to say but thanks for updating! You have a lot of adoring fans :)

  2. The readers of your blog will not unite to say "Thank you for FINALLY updating"
    I love that vollyball is really ping-pong, next you shoud try tennis

  3. Hooray for Peter Pan!
    There's a Pan story based on Barrie's idea for more - and the girl's name is AMY!


  4. Yes....try's much more fun than volley ball...