Thursday, September 24, 2009

Amy the Maverick

That's right, I am not part-time Maverick. I decided to do 2-3 mostly full days (still have to do Snack Bar/Pool Hall) a week instead of a few hours every day. Here is what my day consisted of:

5:40am: Very confused by alarm clock, I rolled out of bed and got ready.
6:00am: in Dining hall with coffee waiting for the rest of the mavericks to show up. Paul Hinderlie was there doing a baking shift. He was making cinnamon rolls for coffee break. He gave me some fresh cinnamon rolls that I shared when the rest of the mavericks came. Amazing. After the cinnamon rolls, we headed out the door up to the woodlot. We spent until 7:30 splitting wood with 2 hydrolic wood splitters. That's way more exciting than it sounds.
7:30am: Head down from the second level to go to the operations meeting. Went to meeting. Awesome. We just hung out on the arc and talked about important villageish things.
8:30:Headed to chalet 5 to do more work. I started on this yesterday finishing sanding the floors and stuff. Today we cleaned the floors really well, rubbed them down with paint thinner, then stained them all. Extremely thereputic.
10:00: Went to loading dock and loaded the luggage truck.
10:15: Coffee break (mavericks do a lot of eating, I did a lot of drinking coffee because we were up before the sun and I work nights).
10:30: back to Chalet 5 to finish up and clean up all the tools we had around. We ran around the village with the golf cart disposing of all the things we had collected there.
12:00: Lunch.
After lunch we headed over to Dante (the furnase behind chalet 1) and chucked wood toward the GIANT stack for a while.
1:15: I went to start picking up dishes and ice for the Snack Bar. We had a busy night so I actually filled up a cart with dishes.
1:45: bus departure
2:00:Snack Bar. I had my first customers at 2:45. Sheesh. I only had 2 more customers the rest of the shift. I got a lot of knitting done on this green hat I'm making.
4:00: off work. Shower (I couldn't remember the last time I Showered).
4:30ish: went to the school vs. Village baseball game. Awesome.
5:00: dinner. There was a birthday (Pastor Nancy's grandson) including birthday cake with gummy worms. Mmmmmmm.
Now I'm here.
Only the pool hall is open tonight so I have the night off! What to do? Hmm.

Sarah comes tomorrow!! I'm so excited!
6:00am is going to come really early...again.


  1. poor Amy . . . you never have been good at mornings.

  2. Because we know Diana is OBSESSED with mornings!!! Go maverick Amy!!!