Friday, September 25, 2009

All in a Day's Work

Today I woke up at the butt crack of dawn in order to do maverick work. It probably doesn't come as a surprise to those of you who know me well to find out that I am a maverick now, since as a child I was beastly strong. At three I was pulling trees out of the ground with one hand.

My maverick pals and I started the morning by eating four bowls of oatmeal and a gallon of coffee each. We then went and chopped wood. It was at this point that we heard the fire alarm ringing through the trees. We ran back into the village. People were crowding around Koininia. Smoke was billowing around the building; fire crackled behind the windows.
"Oh thank God you're here!" Tom said to us mavericks. "We can't turn the hose on!"
I ran to the fire hose and pushed the villagers trying to turn it on out of the way. With one mighty tug I turned the hose on. My fellow mavericks grabbed the hose and began spraying it at the building, but--oh no!--there through the top window I saw Joe screaming for help!
"Fear not, little Joseph!" I bellowed, and without further ado I ran into the fiery maw of Koininia.
The smoke was too thick to see through, and burning pieces of wood were falling from the ceiling, but I quickly manuevered my way to the stairway. The stairs suddenly dropped from under my feet in a burst of sparks, but I leaped and grabbed onto the edge of the second floor. I hauled myself up and ran through the upper hallway.
"Amy!" Joe said when I found him, and then had a fit of coughs, the toxic black smoke penetrating his lungs.
"Don't worry, little Joseph, I will save you. But do you promise to no longer bum ice cream money off of the good citizens of Holden Village?"
"I promise!"
I grabbed Joe and jumped out the window, glass cascading around me. I somersaulted onto the ground, shielding Joe with my body.
The mavericks and the village fire brigade put out the fire, barely saving the building.
"Good job, Amy," Tom said. "You are the treasure of the village."
"No prob, Tom. Just another day's work for a maverick."
And then the bell for coffee break rang. Monkey rolls...mmm...
After coffee break, we mavericks did our favorite pasttime: log rolling. That's me, with the afro and red shorts:

At lunch I realized I have only a week left at Holden, and I must admit I got a bit teary.

But then one of my dear friends made me a special lunch to cheer me up.

After lunch I had to take up my role as Queen Ice Cream Scooper. And after dinner I performed at the Lift. I did a special dance routine I'd been preparing all summer.

I whipped out my scarf and wowed the villagers with my stunning tricks.

And for the grand finale I turned on the snow machine. Ta da!

Now I shall sit on the porch until the wee hours of the morning.

(This day in the life of Amy brought to you by Esme Dutcher)


  1. Reading that might have been the most entertaining thing I did all day :D

  2. AMAZING!! Thanks for the guest-post Esme!!!

  3. Great post by Esme...very entertaining.

  4. Best guest post yet . . . And some of my favorite Pictures!!!

  5. I know there is a picture of Amy in the costume room dressed as a fireman somewhere out there! I really wanted to include it.

  6. Log-rolling, whipping out scarves, and turning on snow machines, all while wearing red shorts and nothing else. Wish I'd been there. I must say at first I was confused that Amy's writing style had changed, but then it all became clear to me. Enjoy!