Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anakwera Ndege

"She boarded the airplane"

This morning, Diana and I got up, puttered around a bit, then took a cab (split a cab with an australian girl heading to Ghana) to the airport. We waited around for her to check in, had lunch, then split our separate ways. She went through security early thinking it might be like security checks in America (not) so I had already left, gotten 2 free rides and was back in town 45 full minutes before she even boarded the plane.

I've spent the last couple hours taking care of everything there is to do in the office (medical re-supply, check in with safety and security, check in with IT, with my boss, talked about fundnig resources, got my W-2, found proposal information for a girls-empowerment camp, ect ect. This has been the most succesfull 3 hours I've had in weeks). I also wanted to buy oil presses but, as it turns out, they are out of stock in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. In the mean time, I promise to hold onto that money and not let it slip away to whatever my money slips away to. Don't worry. Anyway, tomorrow I head back down south to a friends house for a couple days (to soften the blow of being by myself and without my big sister again) then back to my house on Sunday....then back to work Monday morning.

It's been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks having Diana here. More than seeing elephants, more than laughing at her butt hurting on minibuses and watching her surprisingly take pictures of chickens on buses and goats everywhere, it was nice to have someone back home to share the experience with. I can describe things here all day long but its just not the same until someone sees it. I know that because of the, "Ohhhh, that's what you meant!" all the time.

As sad as I am to see her go, I'm excited and ready to get back to work. If you want to know all of the things we did, look here in the next week for a guest-blog entry (hopefully, complete with pictures).

Now all I need is a new bycicle pump. :)