Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ntchito, ikuyenda pang'ono pang'ono

"Work is going slowly"

A project that I more or less found funding and plans for (missing only a final budget) might or might not have been interfered with this week by a large organization here that may or not not necessarily be non-governmental. Frustrating. Its ok though. I have a meeting tomorrow morning with the village development committee to discuss said issues. This might involve me changing projects to something other than that which was more or less almost done being planned. On the bright side, someone in my village got to watch me yell at government employees who were trying to manipulate me....that didn't work.

The rainy season is tapering off about now. Its been a week with no storm, only sprinkles. I'm taking advantage of the dryer weather to make a mud oven for my favorite women in my village, Spoon. Awesome. She's actually doing most of the work because I've had too much running around to do.

I learned that, in Malawi, one is good friends with a person of the opposite gender, people in the village assume that you have promised to marry one another. I'm stamping out rumors.

Chuck plays in the mud all the time...I don't know where she finds it, there's been no rain.

This morning I went to Blantyre to try to get my old phone number back but it didn't work. I was told blank sim cards would be in by Monday but then today they said they won't be in until late March. Ugg. So, for what its worth to those who call me, call my TNM number not my Zain number. Ask my mother for it....actually, its +265881284342. On the bright side, I also went to the shop who sold me this other piece of crap phone and yelled at them in front of customers until they gave me a new battery. Sometimes if one is too nice, people try to convince the customer that the problem could not be the phone, but the user.

I just typed a whole sentence in chichewa without thinking about it....I deleted it. The people at the Mount Mulanje Conservation Trust (where i use the internet and charge my electronics) recently found out that I speak chichewa and now refuse to speak english with me.

Really, I don't have too much happening at my site right now, I'm just making preparations so I can be gone for a week starting a week from Saturday to help with training for the new volunteers coming to country this week! I'm excited for them to come! Speaking of, if there are any loved ones of the new volunteers who read this, I'll try to post some pictures of them...I know my mother definitely appreciated when people did that for me.

So...I really have nothing left to say. I'm just trying to look productive so that I am here (charging my electronics so I can later watch Pocohantes...thanks Mere!...on my laptop) more legitimately.


  1. I love the new background!! Stay productive!

  2. Wow, I was beginning to like the old background :-)
    Nice post. Just make sure your bridges stay intact.

  3. Yay for Disney movies!! Email me more requests because another package is being mailed in another week (hint: cotton candy-yeah!) and you know I can find ANYTHING. ;-D

  4. Don't worry, Dad, bridges are definitely staying in-tact, I just make sure people know not to mess around with me like they do everyone else.

    Mere, anythings great but hint:I still have yet to see the end or LOST...anything that aired after February last year until the end of the series has been lost to me. Get it? Haha. Also HIMYM and Disney movies are always excellent choices. :) I <3 CottenCandyeah!