Monday, February 28, 2011

Graduate Program Search

I'm currently looking into programs involving Civil and Environmental Engineering, more specifically as it relates to international development. So, if anyone of you fine blog-readers has any information on said program, your help would be much appreciated. Masters program, not PhD.

I came into the boma today to finish my quarterly report but I am having problems with the file (it downloaded incorrectly last time I was in the office) so I'm spending my time finally looking for graduate programs.

The last couple days in my village have been oddly relaxing, which worries me because I know that only ever happens right before the storm hits and everything happens at once. There is a lot pending. I've been spending this time catching up with different people who I have been accidently neglecting, and running around bugging different people about meetings that need to happen because I am going up to Dedza on Saturday or Sunday and I want things to happen before I'm gone for who knows how long.

Ok, I'm hungry. Time for food.

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