Monday, February 28, 2011


My neighbor lady getting water. This was not posed, she was just excited that I was taking her picture. She was actually trying to not smile (typical here).This is one of the bicycle taxi guys who takes me for free sometimes. This is him posing...he then giggle like a little girl when I showed him this picture.
This is spoon mixing some nice mud so we can make her a mud oven. She bakes flour rolls and sells them making a fraction of a penny per each one. That business is her only source of income. She's also the chairwoman of the Village Development Committee and the coolest woman in my village.
This is my dear from Esme, half of her brother, Andrew, and Prang-Mantis (sp?) Sorry its blurry, I was scared to get closer. They bight, you know.
This is Chuck showing the world that she is a terror.

Because the internet is fast (relativity speaking) right now.



  1. LOVE the pictures ... Chuck is a monster and the woman in the first pic is adorable!!!! I love that she was trying not to smile!

  2. Can't get over that Chuck is a girl - my friends dog Joey is also a girl - I'm forever saying "he" so I guess the he-he is on me! Hugs and Blessings to you oh faithful woman!!!

  3. Haha there is a totally a praying mantis on me!

    Great pictures.